Playing Minecraft on Crazy Pig

The kid (Vernal Cookie 949) and I are experimenting with video game streaming and playing on foreign servers with Minecraft.

I ran a couple of searches for family-friendly servers to play Minecraft and Crazy Pig was the one we found that was easy to access and relatively safe for Vernal Cookie. This morning after playing around with the output settings, we found the best streaming rate to boradcast.

It took a while to get up and running on Crazy Pig. The verification process is not perfect, but ultimately worked. Then when we arrived in the “Easy” lasd of Atlantica, we lost serveral claims and resources before finally figuring out how to set a claim and not lose it, in case one of us died.

This is our first broadcast from Crazy Pig. Watch more from our Twitch Channel at MyPalAl

In part one, we were still working at getting the stream settings right.

Creating Sketch from Improv – My Day with Kevin McDonald

I’m super late in posting this. Last summer I took a weekend trip to my friends, Dorian and Krissy Lenz, improv theater in Phoenix-National Comedy Theater. I visit about once a year. Last year, I had the privilege of visiting the weekend Kevin McDonald from the Kids in the Hall was leading a workshop.

We learned the tricks of the trade as many of the Kids in the Hall sketches started as improvisations, often bad improvisations. At the beginning of the workshop, we broke up into groups of four and quickly performed an improvisation.

I’ve learned that improvisers can be incredibly judgmental people. I am certainly on that list. Almost immediately upon entering the classroom, I began separating the good improvisers and the bad ones. I’m so horrible. Fortunately, humility got the best of me, and I let fate decide my team. My team consisted of myself, a main stage performer and two novices.

We banged out a good improv based on the suggestion of Hunchback. Once our basic improv was set in stone, we were given three opportunities to refine it as a sketch and perform it in front of Kevin and the other classmates.

One thing I learned is to stop telling people how I would do it. Sure, I’d make a suggestion but ultimately the individual performer has to be comfortable with his/her performance and I’m just meddling if I expect more.

That night, all of us performed the sketches, and our hunchback sketch was the last sketch of the night. Check out the video and if you’re ever in Phoenix and want to see some amazing comedy, check out National Comedy Theater in Mesa.

Innovating The Cups and Balls

Among the many things I love, Magic has a special place in my life. I know I’m the nerd and Magic is not helping my cause to look cool. I’ve seen every trick in the world and seeing the same cups and ball routine makes me hate the trick. But when someone can come along and innovate the routine, you have my respect. You love the art form and you want to win the layman to the cause.

This is Yann Frisch and he simply took a standard magic trick and made it new. He added a story and created a character.

Kevin McDonald Workshop – Turning Improv Into Sketch

I’m planning on writing about this more in the future, but this little featured on the NCT Phoenix website is a great overview of what we did over the weekend. Plus you get to see my fat self on screen.

The workshop was about learning create sketches from improvised scenes. I learned about about trust and teamwork, especially working with people who have performed improv for a long time and barely at all.

Comedy Central Debuts New Improvised Web Series – CC: Social Scene

The six-episode weekly series, hosted by comedian Paul Scheer and directed by Rich Talarico, debuted last week on the Viacom-owned cabler’s YouTube channel and also is distributed via the website, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter.

The “CC: Social Scene” ensemble cast includes Lee Newton, H. Michael Croner, Lilan Bowden, Jacob Womack, Jeff Sloniker and Barak Hardley. The first show revolved around the theme “worst breakup lines,” with others slated to include “what washes up on the beach,” “oddest combos at the BBQ” and “beach hogs,” inspired by beach horror stories.

This Week In Orange County – June 2, 2014

There’s a lot going on in Orange County this week.

Testing the Doneness of Steak

It’s Memorial Day and the family and I heading out to a party at a friend’s house. It’s BYOB and I’m marinating some steaks I bought on sale at Vons. I’m constantly trying to get the temperature right on steak and this has been the best time I’ve found so far for grilling.