Jellyfish from EPCOT Living Seas

I recently found a book full of CD’s I loaded with my photography. I guess I’m posting this stuff over time. Here’s one of my favorites.

This is a jellyfish from a tank at EPCOT Living Seas. It was surprisingly easy to shoot. The tank lighting was perfect. I wish it could have been sharper.

Jellyfish Tank - EPCOT Living Seas - Walt Disney World

Barack Obama is My President

My only serious post about this election…I promise. I just listened to an amazing Veterans Day speech by my President Barack Obama. Yes… my president. As you know I never voted for Obama, but he was and is my president. I was hopeful for change when he took office and as a direct result of President Obama policies, I lost my job of 17 years and saw the company I worked for and believed in come crashing down for political reasons. Years later at a new job, my health insurance more than doubled which meant I had to work harder to provide for my family. Sure I was angry and complained, But through it all, Obama is my president. Life has been a struggle for me and my family ever since. working harder and with help from friends and family, we made it work. Life continues to be a struggle. Conventional wisdom says I should be angry and that I should use classless words and terms about my President. I don’t, because I’m an American. If the day ever comes that I meet President Obama, I will shake his hand and consider myself honored to have met my President.

GameStop Expo 2014: Meeting Seth Rollins

I’ve already established that I’m an severe introvert. It makes doing press stuff a little difficult. When it comes to meeting celebrities, I’m not the type to go up and introduce myself. So I went the safe route and just got in line to meet WWE’s Seth Rollins. Yes, Mr. Money-In-the-Bank himself. It was easy. Stand in line. Ask for photo and take autograph. He was there to promote WWE 2K15.