Ep 6 – I’m Right, You’re Evil

Just hours from the shooting in Virgina, I talk about the current political climate in America and our inability to debate one another in a civil manner. After reading some pretty horrible Facebook posts from my friends, I also talk about how we expect the other guy to be the better person, i.e. you first, then I’ll change.

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Episode 5 – The War on Homosexuality

In honor of Pride Week, I start to expose the sin that Evangelicals have been committing against the LGBT community. This podcast warns my fellow Evangelicals that homosexuality is not the unpardonable sin, even though we treat it like it is.

Episode 4 – Getting Fired

Today’s episode was inspired by the James Comey hearings. I talk about being fired/laid off from my job of 17 years “without cake.” I go over the emotions of the event. I talk about losing my job, my friends and my legacy. FULL DISCLOSURE: If you expect me to throw people under the bus, this will not happen.

Ep 3 – Wonder Woman and Her Feminist Agenda (or lack there of…)

Today, Alan reviews Wonder Woman. Spoiler. He liked it. But many of the few negative reviews claim that Wonder Woman was not a feminist but a “weaponized Smurfette.” In other words, she was a woman in male soldier’s clothing. Do you agree? Listen to Alan’s thoughts and comment on our Facebook page.


Episode 2 – I am a Backslidden Evangelical

Warning: This is a religious episode. Brave enough to listen?

I hoped to put this subject off for a few days, but I thought is was worth getting it out of the way now. We get into this whole “backslidden Evangelical” thing. Enjoy

Is It Worth Going To College?

Episode 1 of the Backslidden Evangelical Podcast is now online and I discuss a conversation that I’ve had with a lot of people. What will college be like in 9 to 10 years, when the kid graduates from college? What will she have? A Bachelor’s degree and a $100K debt? Can she possibly get a job that will pay that loan off? Should she hope the President forgives the loan?

Do you think college will be worth going to nine years from now? Let me know what you think.

5 Things That Changed Your Life Returns with Casting Director Sam Christensen

I’m a little behind, but “better late than never.” Episode 1 of Season 2 features casting director Sam Christensen. He was the casting director for the television series, “M*A*S*H”. He was instrumental in casting the largest number of Asians for a big 3 network television show ever.

Realizing that things would never be better than MASH, Sam teaches branding to actors and filmmakers in Los Angeles. He also attempted to create a society for actors.

The episode is online now. Please download, subscribe, review and like. Help a brother out.