How to Get Free Stuff from a Timeshare Presentation

Or How to Minimize the High Pressure Timeshare Presentations Sales Pitch

Instruction E-book teaching you how to get through a timeshare $6.99.

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I've written my first e-book. It's a subject that I know best and I want to pass on my wisdom to you. Timeshare presentations can be the most high pressure situation you'll ever put yourself in. Surviving a timeshare presentation can be easy and my e-book will give you great tips to get through it and earn your rewards. At the price of $6.99, this book will pay for itself after your first presentation.

The situation my wife and I faced was the need to get cheap Walt Disney World tickets. The first thing we thought was that we should go to timeshare presentations. We could get Epcot tickets for $15.00 each by attending a timeshare presentation. After attending a few timeshare presentations, we not only learned how to get through one without spending a dime or commiting ourselves to a long term financial situation, but we also got a lot of cool stuff to.

Here's a small list of stuff we've gotten from timeshare presentations:

  • Las Vegas Show Tickets
  • Free Hotel Rooms
  • CD Player/Boombox
  • Discounted Themepark Tickets
  • Discounted Trips to Catalina
  • Free Snorkeling Excursions
  • Free Dinners at Expensive Restaurants
  • Free shopping sprees
  • Cash ($100 and more)
  • and much much more.

If you employ these simple little tips, you too can get free things without feeling used. In other words, be not afraid of timeshare presentations.

The Primer

Here are three things you need to have before going into the presenation:

  1. Understand how timeshares work - Be Prepared
  2. Do nothing to extend the length of the presentions - Don't Waste Time
  3. Remind yourself of how they got you into this presentation in the first place -Don't feel guilty.

My e-book will take you step by step through the timeshare presentation and tell you want to say and do. Follow these tips and you'll get in and out of the presentation with your free gift and with a minimal amount of guilt.