ZORBZ – Self-Sealing Water Balloon

Stuff to get for summer. Aside from the new pool equipment that I have to buy, but now another wet toy for my kid.

ZORBZ™ is changing the way consumers play with water balloons, by reinventing a familiar classic that has had little to no change in its construction or innovation in more than 60 years. ZORBZ has developed Snap and Seal™ technology, creating the world’s first self-sealing water balloon. The product launches this summer and ZORBZ will be available at several major retailers including Amazon, Toys“R”Us, Five Below and Bed Bath & Beyond. Retail rollouts will continue over the summer months, with a Rite-Aid debut in July.

“Our mission across all of our brands is to develop world-class products that solve existing consumer problems. We created the innovative Snap and Seal technology so that ZORBZ can eliminate the frustration and pain of tying water balloons for kids and parents alike,” said Kendall Harter, Founder and CEO for Hydro Toys®. “ZORBZ was engineered for more fun – from the science in sealing, to providing higher performance on the ground.”

All ZORBZ balloons are made in the USA and are biodegradable.

Get unplugged and get outdoors with ZORBZ™

ZORBZ provides friends and families with an exciting new option for those who are looking to “switch off” from technology, explore their communities or to become more socially engaged.

Not only are ZORBZ great for backyard play and water balloon fights, they are perfect for birthday parties, sleepovers, after-school programs, family reunions and trips to your local park. They promote social activity year-round – while fostering team work, strategy and camaraderie.

The ZORBZ launch will be supported by a new website, a national television campaign and a strong digital presence where fans can get the latest product news, engage with the brand/product and share their stories. Visit www.zorbzwaterballoons.com for social links and information on how and where to purchase ZORBZ.