Parenting Advice – How Not to Raise a Sore Loser

Parent alert! I’ve found the secret to ensure your child does not grow up to be a “sore loser!”

The secret is…Don’t Ever Let Them Win at Anything!

My daughter has never beat me at a game of Tic-Tac-Toe…and she never will. It just won’t happen. She’s not at my level. I will crush her at every turn. Rue the day she ever beats me. That day will never come. I pledged to resort to cheating before she ever wins at Go Fish. Once, she almost beat me at UNO but then I told her no “My Little Pony” for a month. That’s right! No sore losers in my house!

Diary of a Bad Dad

This post is going to be an ongoing series about my thoughts on Fatherhood. The title comes from years of being labeled a bad dad by people in my life. People, whose opinion I care very little, and who for the most part a fellow Christians like myself.

As a middle child, I’m a pleaser by nature. I want everybody to like me. Now that I’m 47, I just don’t have the energy or will power to make people like me anymore. As trite as it sounds, the only opinion about my parenting style, that I care about is God and my daughter.

My daughter turns seven next month and already I’m a proud father. There are things I’ve intentionally instilled in her and things that shielded from her.

My Little Geek

The fight for childhood interests was a touchy subject for a while. My wife was at first able to get her into Disney Princesses and My Little Pony. But over time, my geek side has slowly crept into the mix. The two of us have seen Marvel’s Avengers seven times in the theaters and countless times at home. As of late, she’s brave enough to see Guardians of the Galaxy, and we’re just about ready to see it again.

What about my passion for wrestling? She expresses a desire to go to a WWE event with me, and her favorite wrestler is Sheamus. I don’t know why, but I’ll take it. She also thinks Stephanie McMahon is pretty.

My Social Butterfly

It’s well-documented that I’m an extreme introvert. My daughter is the exact opposite. She’s outgoing and friendly. She’s managed to make friends with our next door neighbors, get along with the kids at church and befriended even the kids of my friends.

Does Not Know Judgment

I’ll just get right to it. I have gay friends. I know gay couples. These gay couples have children. My daughter doesn’t care about the spiritual and moral ramifications of the gay lifestyle. She just sees two people who love each other and are raising their kids the best anyone can.

Honestly, it’s more important that my kid recognizes good and bad parents more than gay and straight parents. It would kill me if my daughter told a classmate his/her gay parents are sinners and refused to be friends with their child. That’s not the God; I want her to believe in.