‘Flirting in Cars’ or ‘Stoking the Ego a Little’

I may have mentioned it before but I currently work for various ride-sharing companies to make money, while this writing thing takes hold. I like driving and meeting new people and it’s helping me with introvertiness.

Never in my life have I ever had women flirting with me. I’m the one that always has to initiate encounters with women, usually to disastrous results. Now that I have a wife and kid, I no longer need to be involved in these mating games.

Never in my life? Twice this week, I’m having a really good conversation with very attractive women and things get pretty flirty…on her end. I’m very loyal to my wife, kid and marriage, so my first instinct is not to go down this road. I’ve got to stop the flirtation.

So let’s get into this. Instinctually, I casually drop the fact that I’m married and have an amazing 7-year-old kid. You would think this is enough. No, I guess things are so desperate in society that the fact of married-with-kids is not a deterrent.

What worked? “I’m going to turn 50 in a few years.” I now have to the air conditioner off, because it got really cold fast. What was that? I just heard a pin drop. I think I just killed my 5-star rating for this ride. “Ah yeah…my grampa’s 50…”

It’s hard for me to accept that at the age of 50, I’m the coolest I’ve ever been. Thank God I’m married. I just can’t see myself taking Lyfts and Ubers to bars every weekend or even attempting to hit on girls once again. Enough with the ego stroking. It’s time to go back to fat, old me.

The Test of Patience

This week has been a huge test of my patience. My life is in the hands of other people/organizations and I’m helpless. I hate that I have to hand hold

We all want to feel like we have control over our own destinies. It’s the freedom that American was built on. I want the choice to determine my next step in life. I want the freedom to know what my family’s well-being is secure.

This week has been especially taxing on me personally. As you may know, while I’m working on my writing skills and taking classes, I’m driving for Lyft and Uber in order to make ends meet. Lyft has been a great company to work for, but I tend to make more money with Uber at the moment.

For Uber, I have to have records for my car and myself, uploaded to the website. Unfortunately, my insurance, vehicle registration and driver’s license, all expire in the same month. Uber sends me notice that I need to upload new documents. Fine, I have said documents. The problem is Uber’s website is the worst. I upload my documents as requested and days later, my account is de-activated. I notify driver relations and they tell me, I’m in compliance and they re-activate my account.

That is until next week, when the computer system de-activates me again. They want me to upload the documents, which I do. After notifying driver relations, they re-activate my account. Every time this happens, I lose a night of work. For four weeks in a row, my account is de-activated and this time it’s over a day for the problem to be fixed.

I call them, e-mail them, complain to them, but my fate is still left in the hands of incompetents. Uber is not the only ones, schools, doctors, insurance companies and the government. The government is the worst. They have need to be efficient and take your problem seriously.

At least with Uber, I have alternatives, but not with the government. If they make a mistake with your information, you’re screwed! If they change a regulation, they can hide behind the law. If they make a life-threatening mistake, you have no recourse or protection. These are the guys you want to hand your health insurance and medical well-being over to.

Sorry about getting all politcal. Now it’s time to get a little spiritual. There are only a few verses that I’ve memorized from the Bible.

Matthew 6:33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteous and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.