Episode 20 – Turning 50

Yep, I turned 50 last Sunday. I was at the National Comedy Theatre in San Diego, when midnight struck. Went to the fair with the family. We ate ribs and I bought expensive pillows for me and my daughter.

Today, I reflect a little on growing old and the shift in thinking from what will I do with my life to how will I wind my life down.

How do you think about the latter days of your life?

Changing Courses Mid-Life – Five Things Podcast – Todd Masterson

I need to do much better promoting my podcast, 5 Things That Changed Your Life. I serve as the co-producer, but I’m quite proud of the episodes we’ve produced so far and the ones coming up.

This past week our guest was writer/comedian Todd Masterson. In his mid-thirties, Todd is experiencing growing old, which is something that I’ve had to do for the past 15 years.

When I was Todd’s age, I had a good paying job, a wife and a kid on the way. Then after the housing crash, my life turned upside down in ways too long to explain. Today, I find myself driving people around Orange County for a living and pursuing my true passion in comedy.

What strikes close to home in this episode of 5 Things That Changed Your Life, is that fact that life is not always a smooth road. Learn from the bumps and be grateful for what you have now.