Episode 16 – Getting Hell from the Yellow Sign

Convention season is finally over at the end of Comic Con. One thing you can always count on are the guys with the Yellow Signs showing up and preaching the gospel…or more accurately preaching Hell.

God commands Christians to preach the Good News, but just how good is the news of Hell?

How effective are these yellow signs? Well, let’s talk about it.

Stealthies from Comic-Con

As much as I love meeting famous people, the introvert in me prevents me from just going up and getting a photo with them. So I created the “Stealthy” or the Stealth-Selfie. Yeah, pretty stupid but what-cha-gonna-do?

Here are my WWE/Comic Con Stealthies:

Me with Zach Ryder and Corey Graves

Thursday must have been WWE day. This is me with my friends Zach Ryder and Corey Graves. Think this is awesome? This one is me and newly crowned WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Me and Becky Lynch

You wouldn’t believe how hot Becky Lynch is in person. Whew!!!