Finding a New Church Home

Finding a church home was never easy for the family. We’ve stayed away from the rigid legalism of the fundamentalist. We’ve avoided the judgmental spirit-filled charismatics. Ironically, we found our home returning to a Southern Baptist Church. We’re at Saddleback Church.

They just opened a new campus at Yorba Linda High School, which means we can leave our house really late and still be a little late. Next step? Get plugged in.

That’s us with our pastor Santosh Swamidas and founding pastor Rick Warren.

Episode 12 – Christianity in 15

In today’s episode, I break Christianity down to a 15-minute explanation. 15 minutes that’s all I need. I also try to sneak in why it’s the best religion in the whole darn world.

Don’t forget. You can also see me live this Saturday, July 8 at National Comedy Theatre in San Diego.

Top Ten Christian Pick-Up Lines

The genesis of the Top Ten Christian Pick-Up Lines was the student banquet at Talbot School of Theology during my stad up days. The Top Ten Christian Pick-Up Lines is completely original material. Please ask permission if you wish to use this material in any presentation. Here is my gift to those struggling with Christian dating.

by Alan Ng, Copyright 1992.

10. Excuse me, is this pew taken?

9. Haven’t we prayed together before?

8. I know Dr. Dobson personally.

7. I’ve got a burning in my bosom for you.

6. I’ve prayed about it and God wants you to go out with me.

5. Has anyone ever told you, your eyes are like doves and your neck like the tower of David?

4. I’m not like those other (insert your church name here) guys.

3. I don’t speak in tongues, but I kiss that way.

2. Hey baby, you wanna take the church van for a spin.

1. What’s a nice Pentecostal girl like you, doing in a Conservative Baptist church like this?

This copyrighted list has been published for your enjoyment. You have permission to share this list with your friends, but you cannot profit
monetarily from the use of this list. Sorry, to have to put this in here,but I've been burned before.