5 Things That Changed Your Life Returns with Casting Director Sam Christensen

I’m a little behind, but “better late than never.” Episode 1 of Season 2 features casting director Sam Christensen. He was the casting director for the television series, “M*A*S*H”. He was instrumental in casting the largest number of Asians for a big 3 network television show ever.

Realizing that things would never be better than MASH, Sam teaches branding to actors and filmmakers in Los Angeles. He also attempted to create a society for actors.

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When Glasses Ruin Your Eyesight – Liz Femi – Five Things That Changed Your Life Podcast

liz-femiLiz Femi was a fantastic guest on the Five Things That Changed Your Life Podcast. Liz is an actress out here in Los Angeles. She is currently on the Netflix television show, Love.

Take a moment and listen to the entire episode, but her story about wearing glasses is the one I remember the most. As a child, Liz thought glasses were cool. She wanted them so badly, she convinced her mother to take her to the optometrist. Like any good student, she cheated and failed the eye test. The prize was hers-a pair of glasses included with lenses that would ultimately ruin her eyesight for life.

Vernal CookieI mention this story only because I have to constantly remind my daughter that glasses may look cool wearing them constantly isn’t. I warn and warn and continue to remind her that she can’t throw the eye test.

Personally, I didn’t start wearing glasses until I was 23. When everyone in my family wore them, I didn’t. I wasn’t until my first job sitting in front of an old-time┬ácomputer CRT, did my eyesight falter. Those old CRT monitors ruined the eyesight of millions of Americans. It was described like staring directly into the sun.

Fortunately, after building a website for a friend, I was able to get Lasik surgery and my life is back to normal.

It’s not that I want my daughter to never wear glasses, I just want to make sure she actually needs them.

Changing Courses Mid-Life – Five Things Podcast – Todd Masterson

I need to do much better promoting my podcast, 5 Things That Changed Your Life. I serve as the co-producer, but I’m quite proud of the episodes we’ve produced so far and the ones coming up.

This past week our guest was writer/comedian Todd Masterson. In his mid-thirties, Todd is experiencing growing old, which is something that I’ve had to do for the past 15 years.

When I was Todd’s age, I had a good paying job, a wife and a kid on the way. Then after the housing crash, my life turned upside down in ways too long to explain. Today, I find myself driving people around Orange County for a living and pursuing my true passion in comedy.

What strikes close to home in this episode of 5 Things That Changed Your Life, is that fact that life is not always a smooth road. Learn from the bumps and be grateful for what you have now.