Playing Minecraft on Crazy Pig

The kid (Vernal Cookie 949) and I are experimenting with video game streaming and playing on foreign servers with Minecraft.

I ran a couple of searches for family-friendly servers to play Minecraft and Crazy Pig was the one we found that was easy to access and relatively safe for Vernal Cookie. This morning after playing around with the output settings, we found the best streaming rate to boradcast.

It took a while to get up and running on Crazy Pig. The verification process is not perfect, but ultimately worked. Then when we arrived in the “Easy” lasd of Atlantica, we lost serveral claims and resources before finally figuring out how to set a claim and not lose it, in case one of us died.

This is our first broadcast from Crazy Pig. Watch more from our Twitch ChannelĀ at MyPalAl

In part one, we were still working at getting the stream settings right.