Double Cheeseburger from Grinderz – Costa Mesa

I’m on the road constantly–almost every day. “You should try these hole-in-the-walls,” my stomach told me. OK, here’s the first one: Grinderz in Costa Mesa (488 E. 17th St) and I review the Double Cheeseburger.

This is more a burger review than a restaurant review. The staff was pleasant and burgers are the specialty of the shop. I ordered the Double Cheeseburger combo ($9.99) with fries and drink and added bacon for a total of $11.87 (the bacon is extra at $1). The final order came in at 5 minutes–Not bad.

I’m not a big fan of the fries. Just look at the picture.┬áThe perfect fry is crispy with creamy soft potato on the inside. While the Grinderz fry is crispy on the outside, there is no potato on the inside. In other words, a crispy shell of nothing. You’ll need a pile of ketchup for this one.

To my taste, the perfect burger is juicy, never well-done, easy to hold and not messy. The Grinderz Cheeseburger consisted of a white bread bun, two thin burger patties, lettuce, tomoatos, red onions, pickles and thousand island dressing. My order did not include red onions.

The cheeseburger was compact making is easy to hold. When you bite on it, you’ll get a clean sweep of all ingredients. The dressing and burger grease created minimal drippage, but I did have to wipe my fingers after every other bite. I’m OK with this. There was a little mess of liquid drippings on the plate, which to me was acceptable.

The burger itself was tasty. The burger patty was thin, juicy, well-seasoned and tasty. Its was not overcooked (like McDonalds). Although it was good, it was not outstanding.

Grinderz is a fine place to eat, but not something I’d go out of my way to eat.