Star Wars and SDI

Yes, I am a child of the 80’s. People hated Reagan and believed his Strategic Defense Initiative was a science fiction pipe dream. It was therefore dubbed Reagan’s Star Wars program. This happened today:

Star Wars is right. General Kelly described the process as hitting a bullet with a bullet. Or consider the words of Luke Skywalker, “It’s not impossible. I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home.”

Or how about the very real Death Star. Says General Dodonna, “You are required to maneuver straight down this trench and skim the surface to this point. The target area is only two meters wide.”

Effin’ Really? – The Curse of Everyday Speech

I’m not the type of person that curses. It’s partly a puritanical thing (my Christian upbringing). But I have this pet peeve with people who just can’t express themselves. Moreso, I have a pet peeve with people who don’t understand the value of words.

Over the years, I’ve had to suppress using worthless modifiers, such as really. “That really stinks!” “I really liked that movie.” The word really adds little to no emphasis on my feelings. What is the difference between liking something and really liking something?

Now, this leads me to cursing. My Christian background plays a part in my lack of cursing in everyday speech. I don’t curse because using vulgarity adds little to no emphasis on my feeling. “That’s awesome” is no different than “That’s effin’ awesome!”

Does this mean I don’t curse? Fuck, no! I just choose to use it in proper context. Sometimes there is a feeling that needs to be brash and provocative. I use it. My dog passed away last week. I felt it.

I’m known for not cursing, so when I curse, it means something. It means I’m serious. I have friends and acquaintances who curse constantly. No judgment by me at all. That’s their choice of speech. With each use of every curse word, their curses lose its effectiveness. So, “Eff! Trump!” just means, “I don’t like Trump!”

The Real Rejects of Orange County – Premieres May 26 at Amazon Instant Video

It’s coming in two days. Check back for links. For almost a year, our little troupe of writers and actors worked hard to put together four episode of what I hope for you is a brief break from the world and a whole lot of laughter.

The Real Rejects of Orange County

Jellyfish from EPCOT Living Seas

I recently found a book full of CD’s I loaded with my photography. I guess I’m posting this stuff over time. Here’s one of my favorites.

This is a jellyfish from a tank at EPCOT Living Seas. It was surprisingly easy to shoot. The tank lighting was perfect. I wish it could have been sharper.

Jellyfish Tank - EPCOT Living Seas - Walt Disney World