If Anger and Outrage is My Drug Then United Airlines is My Supplier This Week

It really doesn’t matter what side you fall on in, a all sides of this story will feed your need for outrage. 

That evil corporation United. They can’t come in and send the storm troopers in to forcibly remove a paying passenger. I’m tearing up my frequent flyer miles. 

That idiot passenger. He knew the cameras were on him and now he’s cashing in. What a privileged SOB? What makes him more special than me? He got what he deserved and a million dollar settlement. 

Hope you enjoy your fix for today. Anger keeps me sane. 

5 Things That Changed Your Life Returns with Casting Director Sam Christensen

I’m a little behind, but “better late than never.” Episode 1 of Season 2 features casting director Sam Christensen. He was the casting director for the television series, “M*A*S*H”. He was instrumental in casting the largest number of Asians for a big 3 network television show ever.

Realizing that things would never be better than MASH, Sam teaches branding to actors and filmmakers in Los Angeles. He also attempted to create a society for actors.

The episode is online now. Please download, subscribe, review and like. Help a brother out.

First Time Back At Disneyland in Over a Year

I miss Disneyland. Thanks to a relative, my family got to return to the Magic Kingdom. Was it fun? Hell yeah. I feel bad about forcing the kid to ride Space Mountain…not really.