You Are Invited to an Improv Milestone – My NCT 15th Anniversary Show

This Saturday, January 21rd at 7:30 pm and 9:45 pm, I will be celebrating my 15th anniversary performing at the National Comedy Theater in San Diego and I would love to invite you to see this special show. While I don’t know the exact number of shows, I do know that I’ve been in well over 1,200 shows.

Granted, I took a three-year hiatus to try my luck running Secret City in Fullerton, but I will always cherish my time at NCT. It was the first time that I could perform improv comedy the way I wanted too. I never argued with the owner Gary Kramer or director Matt McDonald over how to perform improv, play games and produce the show. I was free to develop my talents as a comedian and I learned valuable lessons in teamwork.

Please make your way to San Diego this weekend. The 7:30 show is already 50% sold.

If you can make it to the shows, here is what will happen in these two special shows:

  1. I will be in both the 7:30 and 9:45 pm shows.
  2. I will perform with a team of the best improvisers that only San Diego could produce, including: Chris Daily, Gary Kramer, Gordy Fitzgerald, Greg Rojciewicz, Melissa Brody and Patrick Jeter.
  3. You will witness some of the best comedic scenes and sketches made up completely on the spot.
  4. You will head immediately to Urgent Care after the show because you laughed too hard.
  5. No mention whatsoever of this milestone will stated in the show at all. I get it. It’s not about me. Improv is about the team and the art created as a team.

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