Barack Obama is My President

My only serious post about this election…I promise. I just listened to an amazing Veterans Day speech by my President Barack Obama. Yes… my president. As you know I never voted for Obama, but he was and is my president. I was hopeful for change when he took office and as a direct result of President Obama policies, I lost my job of 17 years and saw the company I worked for and believed in come crashing down for political reasons. Years later at a new job, my health insurance more than doubled which meant I had to work harder to provide for my family. Sure I was angry and complained, But through it all, Obama is my president. Life has been a struggle for me and my family ever since. working harder and with help from friends and family, we made it work. Life continues to be a struggle. Conventional wisdom says I should be angry and that I should use classless words and terms about my President. I don’t, because I’m an American. If the day ever comes that I meet President Obama, I will shake his hand and consider myself honored to have met my President.

Playing Minecraft on Crazy Pig

The kid (Vernal Cookie 949) and I are experimenting with video game streaming and playing on foreign servers with Minecraft.

I ran a couple of searches for family-friendly servers to play Minecraft and Crazy Pig was the one we found that was easy to access and relatively safe for Vernal Cookie. This morning after playing around with the output settings, we found the best streaming rate to boradcast.

It took a while to get up and running on Crazy Pig. The verification process is not perfect, but ultimately worked. Then when we arrived in the “Easy” lasd of Atlantica, we lost serveral claims and resources before finally figuring out how to set a claim and not lose it, in case one of us died.

This is our first broadcast from Crazy Pig. Watch more from our Twitch Channel at MyPalAl

In part one, we were still working at getting the stream settings right.

Breaking News: Canada Builds a Wall

After the results of the 2016 Presidential Election were announced, the Canadian Parliament unanimously voted to build a wall along the world’s longest unprotected border preventing U.S. citizens from illegally entering the Great White North. The law passed just shortly after Canada’s immigration website crashed due to an unbearable influx of server requests. Due to a loophole found in the NAFTA treaty, the United States will pay for the construction of the wall.

“The country of Canada was under the impression that if Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidential Election, only the country’s ‘A-List’ celebrities would immigrate to Canada,” questions Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “Instead, 100% of new immigration applications are coming from internet bloggers, YouTube stars, magicians, and improvisers. Absolutely the worst the United States has to offer. It would be a tremendous disaster!”