When Glasses Ruin Your Eyesight – Liz Femi – Five Things That Changed Your Life Podcast

liz-femiLiz Femi was a fantastic guest on the Five Things That Changed Your Life Podcast. Liz is an actress out here in Los Angeles. She is currently on the Netflix television show, Love.

Take a moment and listen to the entire episode, but her story about wearing glasses is the one I remember the most. As a child, Liz thought glasses were cool. She wanted them so badly, she convinced her mother to take her to the optometrist. Like any good student, she cheated and failed the eye test. The prize was hers-a pair of glasses included with lenses that would ultimately ruin her eyesight for life.

Vernal CookieI mention this story only because I have to constantly remind my daughter that glasses may look cool wearing them constantly isn’t. I warn and warn and continue to remind her that she can’t throw the eye test.

Personally, I didn’t start wearing glasses until I was 23. When everyone in my family wore them, I didn’t. I wasn’t until my first job sitting in front of an old-time┬ácomputer CRT, did my eyesight falter. Those old CRT monitors ruined the eyesight of millions of Americans. It was described like staring directly into the sun.

Fortunately, after building a website for a friend, I was able to get Lasik surgery and my life is back to normal.

It’s not that I want my daughter to never wear glasses, I just want to make sure she actually needs them.

Skittles Annihilates the Trump Campaign With Just One Tweet

The Trump Presidency was taken down by three pieces of candy. Donald Trumps Jr attempted to simplify the Syrian refugee problem with a single meme:

While the meaning of the analogy seemed pretty clear, we are in an election season and no one wants to let anyone off the hood. Not even Skittles themselves. The candy company absolutely destroyed the Trump campaign and any chance it had of winning with this tweet.

Boom! Game Over! Call It a Day! Why Continue! Bam!

Stealthies from Comic-Con

As much as I love meeting famous people, the introvert in me prevents me from just going up and getting a photo with them. So I created the “Stealthy” or the Stealth-Selfie. Yeah, pretty stupid but what-cha-gonna-do?

Here are my WWE/Comic Con Stealthies:

Me with Zach Ryder and Corey Graves

Thursday must have been WWE day. This is me with my friends Zach Ryder and Corey Graves. Think this is awesome? This one is me and newly crowned WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Me and Becky Lynch

You wouldn’t believe how hot Becky Lynch is in person. Whew!!!