Are “Equality” and “Diversity” Two Opposing Forces?

Growing up in the 80’s the fight was for racial and gender equality. My understanding was that when it was all said and done, all Americans wanted to be treated equally with no regard to gender or race.
“Equality” means that we are judged by the content and quality of our character and not on the color of our skin, nor our gender. “Equality” means that we are all Americans and not African- or Asian-Americans. In the workforce, we were hired based solely on our qualifications. In society, we were to treat our neighbor as ourselves.
But is the dream of “Equality” lost? Was it ever a goal in the first place?
It appears that “Equality” is being replaced by “Diversity”. This is not necessarily a bad thing. For me, it’s simply a change in thinking. I no longer have to look at people as equals, but I have to look at them as men and women, Caucasian, African, Asian, Hispanic, etc. I have to look at my life and wonder, do I have enough Hispanics, Africans and Caucasians friends in my life. Am I being racist because I’m hanging out with the Asians? Do I have the right racial balance in friends?
Ultimately, the “Diversity” question is bigger than myself.¬†Are companies hiring from a diverse pool of applicants? Does the Widget Corporation hire enough African, Hispanic and Asian employees? If a company has met it’s quota of Asians, does that mean it can stop hiring Asians without penalty?
Funny, but this seems to be just an American thing. If you go to China, the country of my heritage, there’s no such thing as diversity. If you’re Chinese and male, welcome to the head of the line. Mexico doesn’t seem to care much about diversity. I don’t see African-Mexicans on television of film. How many Asian business owners are there in Africa?
Honestly, I don’t know what the answer is. Mainly,¬†because I don’t know what the end game is. In fact, many of you will respond to this post decrying society. It’s easy to pass off the solutions to a third party, like the government. But ask yourself, “what is my end game?” I have a dream, and it remains a dream.