A Special Moment on Stage #WhitePeopleCantWin

The weirdest moment happened to me during Saturday’s show. The game was blindline and I was performing with an amazing couple. The scene was a lot of fun and the audience, I believe, enjoyed the scene as well. In the scene, I played a guy, who had just gone out on a date with his friend’s sister. After incorporating a few random lines from the audience, the scene’s story was that my character wanted to marry the sister, but the brother thought it was a bad idea, since I had a drug addiction. So far, so good. We have a relationship and a good conflict.

As the scene progress, an audience was read and it had something to do with driving a Porsche (I honestly don’t remember the exact line). The sister then exclaims, “I don’t need to drive a Porsche. I drive a Honda Civic.” Then I responded, “I would even downgrade to a Toyota Prius.” I know…lame. I was just trying to justify the Porsche line and not doing a good job of it.

The scene ends and we all sit down, patting ourselves on the back for a well done and entertaining scene.

Jump to the end of the night and we discussing notes from the show. When it came time to talk about that scene, someone brought up the controversy surrounding the “Honda Civic” line. My first reaction was, “what the hell are you talking about?” Then it was explained to us, that might have gotten uncomfortable because I was being compared to a Honda Civic, because I was Japanese and that we just continued the scene as if nothing happened. My second response was, “Yes, nothing happened.” Apparently I didn’t don on me that I should have been offended because someone mentioned a popular make of car, that happened to be manufactured in Japan. Now that I think about it, I should be offended that people thought I was Japanese (no offense to my Japanese friends…some of you are my best friends).

My immediate reaction was to immediately accuse my fellow actors that they are way to sensitive when it comes to race. How did it come to this? My issue with political correctness is that good people are being accused of racism, when all they did was state on stage the type of car they drive when an Asian is standing next to them.

I rarely ever post about scenes I’ve performed in shows. Personally, I found the situation 100% funny and 0% offensive. I’ve been performing with this group since 2001…15 years. Have I ever felt uncomfortable or mistreated because of my race? NEVER!!! Have I ever felt uncomfortable or mistreated because I’m a Republican? HELL YEAH!!!

My suggestion for my white friends is please expend your energy going after real racists and less on trying find racism in the smallest of areas. There are bigger battles to fight.

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