On Marriage Equality – A Message to Both Sides

A Message For Both Sides: Today is one of those days where half my friends on Facebook will dislike the other half of my friends on Facebook. That saddens me.

I have great friends who are gay. I treasure our friendship and wish nothing but good things for you and success in the future. As a Christian, I believe you were created by God as I have been and regardless of what my fellow believers tell you, you have access to God’s Unconditional Love, Sacrifice and Blessings as I do.

To my fellow believers, remember that we can not control the course of history. That’s God’s job. We are fortunate to live in a country that values our beliefs. Did you know there are countries out there that will literally cut off your head because you are a Christian or you are gay? Is there no common ground?

We can become spoiled living in a world of religious freedom, compared to the world that Christ actually lived in 2,000 years ago. Sure, we can bunker in, protect the last vestiges of Christianity left in America and shield ourselves from perversion. Or we can take the high road and act as Christ would if he were to walk the earth today. There was a time when the poor and the sick was our responsibility. A time when we loved our neighbor (sinner and saint/gay and straight) as ourselves. A time when we were servants, washing the feet of our even those we considered our enemies.

Faith, hope and love? The greatest of these is Love. Let’s stop being clanging cymbals to a lost world.
To those who wish to argue, show me in the Bible where legislating God’s Moral Will takes precedence over loving our neighbor and I’ll happily engage you in conversation.