Parenting Advice – How Not to Raise a Sore Loser

Parent alert! I’ve found the secret to ensure your child does not grow up to be a “sore loser!”

The secret is…Don’t Ever Let Them Win at Anything!

My daughter has never beat me at a game of Tic-Tac-Toe…and she never will. It just won’t happen. She’s not at my level. I will crush her at every turn. Rue the day she ever beats me. That day will never come. I pledged to resort to cheating before she ever wins at Go Fish. Once, she almost beat me at UNO but then I told her no “My Little Pony” for a month. That’s right! No sore losers in my house!

My Interview with David Arquette

Posh Beverly Hills EstateI’m getting a little bit better at the interviewing celebrities thing. Here’s the way I would like to spin the experience:

I’m at a posh Beverly Hills home waiting to interview David Arquette in the estate’s pool house. He walks into the room, I introduce myself and he says, “Hi, I’m David.” I sat at a table directly across from David Arquette. I ask a question about his the film, “The Key” and he answers it in a thoughtful and beautiful manner.

I like this story, but I also need to be accountable to the truth:

I’m at a posh Beverly Hills home waiting to interview actor David Arquette and director Jefery Levy about Jefery’s passion project, The Real Experimental Film Festival. The interview comes in the form of a roundtable with 5 other reporters, including myself. I got about two questions in and my first question was the first question Mr. Arquette answered.

I’ll have my full report of the afternoon ready this Sunday for the Secret City Geek Lab show on