My First Red Carpet – Part 2

Hope you had a chance to read the first part of my first red carpet experience. As an introvert, I found that this was a great stride forward for me personally and professionally.

Now we’re at the point of the night, where the stars of the movie, Obvious Child, began to arrive. I actually prepared questions all day for Jake Lacy, Gillian Robespierre and Jenny Slate. Also arriving was Gaby Hoffman, who was not scheduled to be there that night. Needless to say, I didn’t have anything for her.

Step 1 – Confidence (or at least pretending to have confidence)

Yes, smile. Shake hands. Be prepared. They are people just like you and they want you to promote their movie. Yes, I’m from a small radio station in Anaheim, but I’m ready to hold my own with these other video programs that I’ve never heard of.

Step 2 – Go over questions and remember backup questions.

This is a step that I didn’t prepare well for. You’ve got to anticipate various ways that they may answer the question and then have a question for that.

Now the moment of truth.

First to approach was Jake Lacy (The Office), who plays understanding boyfriend Max. Jake was the best way to start. He was incredibly friendly to me and gave great answers. Just as our interview was about to start, he was immediately pulled away to take a cast photo on the red carpet. He immediately came back, apologized and the interview began.

It was such a great interview, I hated to cut up this response to the question, “You play a nice guy in the movie, was that a difficult acting challenge.” Although the censored version made air, I included the bad words in the video.

Up next is Jenny Slate. Jenny was a tough interview. She appears to be a great person to know, just hard to interview. I felt like she was nervous to be there and a little out of her comfort zone. My worst question was if she did stand-up. She said yes, and I had no backup question. I cringe every time I hear it. It was all bad and I take responsibility for that.

Finally, interviewed Gillian Robespierre, the writer/director of Obvious Child. This turned out better. “Great way to pick it up, Alan.” “Thanks,” I replied wondering who was talking to me. I like to talk to the actual filmmakers more than the cast. They are the ones who put in all the hard work from writing and refining the script and finding producers to make the dream a reality. Then there’s trying to translate the vision in your head to the final product on screen.

As much as I might have mixed feeling about the interview that day, I’m proud of the outcome…Mostly (that’s the introvert talking).

Here’s the final product. Please comment and be gentle.

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